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10月21日~10月28日にかけ「2021 Asia Artist Award公式|ショッピングクーポンサイト【RET】」で実施した「2021AAA」人気投票2次予選で選出された、各部門上位30位(男女ソロ歌手部門は20位)のアーティストを下記にて発表致します!

10월 21일~10월 28일에 걸쳐 [RET]에서 실시한 「2021AAA」인기투표 2차예선에서 선출 된 각 부문 상위30위(남녀 솔로 가수 부문은 20위)의 아티스트를 하기로 발표 합니다!

The results of the second qualifying round of the popularity vote for 2021 AAA held on the official shopping coupon site [RET] from October 21st to October 28th are announced below!

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